Libertarian Movement Foundation

Vision: LMF wants to make people aware that the government is rather a source of their problems and is not the solution to them.

Mission: LMF maintains its own newspaper – LIME Magazine, Youtube and TikTok channels and Facebook Page for educational purposes. We want to spread our message to attract more attention and shift Overton Window to tax-cut reforms and strengthening the business approach.

Background: Libertarian Movement Foundation (LMF) founded by Hungarian libertarian activists.

Required amount: ~1 BTC/year

Address: bc1qvz9p2n09y8wz47rv00sxlzxnlwlrqlafeh3uyn


Background: Libertarian Movement Foundation (LMF) founded by Hungarian libertarian activists. The whole group has nearly 2300 members.

10 Key people: Gabori L. Balazs (CEO), Vodicska Roland (president), Toth Zoltan (CTO), Meszaros Bela (executive editor), Martin Wolf (video editor), Husztik Marianna (news room), Szabo Eszter (news room), Lassan Noemi (web page), Ecsenyi Aron (online marketing), Andrasi Mate (Translator).


We support the idea of libertarian populism, which draws the fault line between responsible people and the government. This technique could shift the Overton Window to the problem of taxation and and vulnerability to government. Gábori L. Balázs’s name is well known among young people, but still most of our views are absolutely out of the Overton Window. In European politics there is very little attention for real political issues, so we need more characters who publicly support crypto market, free speech, free education, free-pension, tax-cut, individualism and responsibility instead of government.

Experience: Most Hungarians like tax-cut reforms, but they do not calculate from how much tax they could be exempted and what services they would have to give up for it. This can be explained by the fact that Hungary is a strongly socialist, post-communist country, with a population of 10 million people where the government expenditure to GDP at 48.62% . Most people do not even know how dependent they are on the government, but according to the public opinion researches they all agree that “politics are corrupt”. We want to raise the awareness of government spending and the positive message of the business approach.

Our magazine should also follow almost identically the below principles of e.g. the Reason foundation:

“We use journalism and public policy research to influence the frameworks and actions of policymakers, journalists, and opinion leaders.”

Market environment: In Hungary there is absolutely no recognized online magazine that actually advocates libertarian freedoms, individualis, free society and free markets on a frequent (day-to-day) basis.

The magazines present in the current Hungarian online landscape are either radical-conservative (with strong leftism and socialism from an economic standpoint) or progressive-left wing, with some rare exceptions when a libertarian-affiliated columnist is allowed to share their ideas in an opinion article.

The goal is not just ideological. From a business perspective it can be seen that in Hungary there is an actual market gap for “in-between” perspectives, or rational approaches to market freedom, taxation and individual liberties (especially during covid, and lockdowns, where there is only a small rational anti-lockdown publicity as unfortunately both big political affiliations support nation-wide elimination of individual liberties in this context and the voices of conspiracy-theorist and radicals are enhanced, eliminating any opportunity for rational debate and skepticism around any anti-libertarian politics). 

Thus, after a 1.5-2 years period an online magazine can even create revenues and become self-sustaining by private contributions, private patrons, and providing commercial advertisements therefore having marketing revenue, etc. This way it can also create further full-time jobs for currently free-lancer libertarian journalists.


Total budget


Domain name, Hosting, Storage, SSL, maintenance: 700 USD /year 

One of cost: Creating the Website itself with graphics and engine: 2000 USD 

GDPR Information: 200 USD

Photo content: 300 USD/year 

Facebook ads 6 000 USD/year

Google (inc YouTube) ads 5000 USD/year


Making animated videos: 1500 USD/year

Making Interview/ Debate/ Conversation Videos 2300 USD/year

Making event related Videos 1800 USD/year

Studio office rent: 3500 USD/year

Material resources: 2000 USD


Book publishing costs 4700 USD/year


Newsroom salaries 14 500 USD/year

Editorial salaries 17 500 USD/year

Other costs

Accounting: 1000 USD/year

Community programs: 1200 USD/year


Target market / USP

Men between 18-40 who are interested in politics, tech, economy, cryptos, ideologies.

Videos will be the unique selling point of our brand. We do not want to be an average magazine. Our main goal is to promote libertarian principles among young people in a way that can capture their attention.

When it comes to budgeting for the various video types, we had to take into consideration the labour and the skills required for each task. In practice it simply makes sense to outsource low skill tasks such as cutting out pictures in Photoshop to FIVERR freelancers then to burden people whose time could be better spent working on tasks that require a higher level of skill. Our budgeting was done by using performance indicators. What this means is that each task not only has the cost of hourly labour, but also our exceptions of what the worker will accomplish in that hour. When it comes to the production cost each video type has a different range of costs depending on the video quality. The ideal situation is that the total workload is spread among multiple people. This would ensure that the product is finished in a fast manner.

Book publishing

Book publishing costs 4700 USD/year. We have translated and written several books in the last 5 years. The translated books are works by famous libertarian authors such as Mises, Rand, Hayek and Hazlitt. The costs will cover the special advertising of book distribution and printing as well. We are targeting 25,000 USD income from book selling.